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Molecular formula: CaF2

Molecular weight: 78.07

Also known as: fluorite, fluorite powder, fluorite powder

Melting point: 1270-1350 °C   Density: 3.18 g/cm    <UNK> refractive index: 1.434

Materialized properties:

Mohs hardness 4, lower than steel, easy to scratch, brittle, sweet, astringent, non-toxic. It can be used to prepare hydrogen fluoride and is one of the materials used to make optical glass for lenses. Fluorescent can often form massive, granular aggregates, or cubes and octahedral monocrystals. Various colors, purple, blue, green and colorless and so on. Transparent, glass-gloss, hardness 4, good cleavage. Easy to break along the cleavage surface into octahedral small pieces with a relative density of 3.18

Product Use:

Half of the world's fluorite production is used to make hydrofluoric acid, which in turn develops the manufacture of cryolite for the aluminum refining industry. The coolant(Freon) in the refrigerator uses fluorite; In 1986, the first generation of artificial blood in China also used fluorite. Today, scientists are developing fluoride glass, which could make a new optical fiber communication material that can pass through the 20,000-kilometer wide Pacific Ocean without a relaunch station. The nonstick pot used at home is a layer of fluoride plastic painted on the bottom of the pot. In the aluminum industry, hydrofluoric acid is used to produce aluminum fluoride, artificial ice crystals, sodium fluoride and magnesium fluoride. In the inorganic fluorination industry, pesticides, preservatives, protective agents, additives, fluxes, and antioxidants can be produced.

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