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Ammonium fluorosilicate
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Molecular formula: (NH4) 2SiF6

Molecular Weight: 178.14   Product Code: 2826.1900.90

Hazard Level: 6.1

Danger number: 2854    implementation standard: Industry standard

Physical and chemical properties: Colorless or white crystalline powder, there are two types of a and SC, type a is isometric crystal system density 2.011/cm3. Type ? is three oblique crystal system, density 2.152g/cm3. Soluble in alcohols and water, insoluble in acetone. The air is stable, and after a long period of heating, the type ? will be destroyed and converted to type a.

Product usage: Brewing industry is used as disinfectant, glass etching agent, Fabric moth-proof agent. Wood antiseptic agent. Manufacture of ice crystal stone, ammonium chlorate. Extract potassium from the green sand. Welding flux, barium salt determination, light metal casting, electroplating and so on.

Quality Index

Index name


(NH4)2SiF6 %






H2O %


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