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Ammonium fluoride
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Molecular formula: NH4HF2

Molecular Weight: 57.04

Implementation criteria: Q/HD09-2001

Physical and chemical properties:

White or colorless transparent oblique crystal crystalline, slightly sour. Poisonous! Relative density 1.52, melting point 125.6℃, boiling point 240 ℃

Product usage: It can corrode glass and is corrosive to the skin. Can be used as chemical reagents, glass etching agents (involved in hydrofluoric acid), fermented industrial disinfectants and preservatives, solvents made from beryllium oxide and surface treatment agents for silicon steel plates, as well as for the manufacture of ceramics, magnesium alloys, cleaning and descaling of boiler water supply systems and vapour occurrence systems, and acid treatment of oilfield gravel, also used as alkylation, Isomerization Catalyst Components. Used for converting beryllium to electric welding rod casting wood preservative etc..

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