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Sodium fluorosilicate
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Molecular Formula:Na2SiF6   Molecular Weight:188.06 

Implementation standard: GB 23936-2009   Danger No:2674  

Hazard Level: 6.1   Product Code: 2826.901000


Physical and chemical properties: Colorless or white six-square crystalline powder. Odorless and tasteless. Relative density 2.679g/cm3; moisture absorption. Soluble in solvents such as ether, insoluble in alcohol. The solubility in acid is larger than in water. Decomposition in lye to produce sodium fluoride and silica. After burning (more than 300C), it is decomposed into sodium fluoride and silicon fluoride. Poisonous!


 Preservatives in the wood industry; hygroscopic agents for acid-resistant cement. Used as a milky white agent for glass and enamel; in the pesticide industry for the manufacture of pesticides; natural latex products used as coagulant, galvanized, nickel, iron ternary coating as an additive, but also as a plastic filler. In addition, it is used for fluoride treatment of pharmaceuticals and drinking water, as well as for the manufacture of artificial ice crystal and sodium fluoride.

For the different main uses of sodium fluoride, our company specializes in the development and production of different types of sodium fluorosilicate.

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