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Magnesium silicofluoride
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Molecular formula: MgSiF6

Molecular Weight: 274.48   hazard Level: 6.1.

Physical and chemical properties: Colorless or white rhomboid or needle-like crystallization, tasteless, relative density 1.788, not easy to moisture solution, but can be weathered and lose crystalline water. Dehydration breaks down at or above, and emits silicon fluoride gas. Soluble in water, dry dilute acid, insoluble dry hydrofluoric acid, insoluble dry alcohol. The aqueous solution is acidic and produces the corresponding fluoride and silicon dioxide when acting with the alkali. Toxic!

Product Uses:

Used as concrete hardening agent, retarder and waterproofing agent for silica building surface treatment and manufacture of ceramic fabrics anti-insect and used as insecticide, rubber milk spin, preservatives.


Quality Index

Index name




SiO2 %


H2SiF6 %


MgSO4 %


H2O %


PackingPacked in polywover bag,25/50/1000kgs per bag, or according to the buyer’s requirement. Suitable for long distance transportation.

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