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Sodium fluoride
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Formula: NaF     

Molecular Weight: 41.99

Execution of standard vertebrae: YS/T 535.7-2006

Danger number: 1690

Hazard level: 6.1

Product Code: 2826.192010

Physical and chemical properties: Colorless shiny crystal or white powder, specific gravity 2.25, melting point 993C boiling point 1695C. Soluble in water (solubility 10C366,206 406,300422,40C 4.4.60C468.80-C4.89,100 "C508), hydrogen teacher acid, slightly soluble in alcohol. Aqueous solution is weak alkaline, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and into sodium fluoride, can corrode glass. Toxic!.

UsesUsed as agricultural chiral agent, wood antiseptic agent, metal flux, analytical reagent, but also used for mechanical tool-cutting steel bonding fermentation equipment disinfection, the manufacture of won compounds. Steel analysis. Determination of phosphorus by photoelectric colorimetric method. A drip analysis was measured to determine SC. Blood tests. Masking agent. Flux

PackingPacked in polywover bag,25/50/1000kgs per bag, or according to the buyer’s requirement. Suitable for long distance transportation.

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